Why this Topic?


In a world of cyber-reality and easily accessible information, Christians constantly face the barrage of pornographic material which challenges an authentic human and Christian living. Though pornography is not a new challenge, its epidemic growth calls for special attention. It is being propagated more widely than ever. Although it has existed for centuries, it generally had been a taboo. In the beginning of the 17th century pornography was hard to find, but now it is difficult to avoid. Young men and women find themselves amidst the pressures of their social milieu which is characterized by a highly sexualized way of looking at all relationships and viewing persons as objects of desire.

Studies point to the fact that internet pornography is one of the fastest growing addictions in the world. Spouses seeking to grow in love for each other encounter constant temptations to escape the false comfort in images and fantasy that sexually explicit material present. Priests and religious, with their commitment to chastity and celibacy – living in a world that considers both an impossible and unhealthy goal – can in moments of doubt and weakness reach for the false comforts of impurity, causing scandal to the Church. Single men and women can be distracted from the true meaning of love and sexuality, indulging in impure thoughts that pornography offers, gradually leading to actual sexual misconduct and inappropriate sexual behaviours. No person living in our culture can claim to be immune from this scourge. Considering the effects of pornography from the various aspects of one’s life, without doubt one can affirm that pornography has emerged as a serious threat to the dignity of human sexuality and its divine purpose, which leaves us debilitated spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically, challenging the very nature of man and woman.

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