Three main factors that draw people into online sexual activity


According to Al Cooper, a psychologist, there are three main factors that draw people into online sexual activity, viz. 1. Accessibility (porn is accessible easily from any Internet connection) 2. Affordability (millions of free or very cheap images are available online) 3. Anonymity (home computers and Smartphones have made it very easy to be secretive) He dubbed this the “Triple-A Engine” of Internet porn.

To the “Triple A Engine” some would add a fourth “A,” Accidental. Those who claim that pornography is a free choice that an individual should be allowed to access, often forget that on the Internet, pornography may come looking for you even when you are not looking for it. All of us are familiar with the unsolicited e-mails that advertise sexually oriented web sites, pop-ups that just appear when one has clicked on an apparently harmless link, and constant suggestive links that turn up in many search engines. A young child seeking to do some research on Cinderella may be given a number of options among which would be the title, “See Cinderella for Yourself.” After one curious click this little girl could be confronted with the picture of a nude female whose stage-name is Cinderella. This is certainly a form of sexual assault.

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