Why “Generation Sensible” is Giving Up Alcohol

According to the article published in the Time magazine in August 2018, the British Media calls the young people who have opted to be teetotallers, the ‘Generation Sensible.’  There are a number of reasons that have prompted the young to be teetotallers:

  • Health Consciousness: The young people are taking more seriously the harm that alcohol can do to their physical and mental health.  While binge drinking may give a person something to brag about for a while, people are becoming aware that it could spoil the rest of their life.  As one young woman interviewed by theTimemagazine pointed out: “people are more aware of what they are putting into their bodies and how it will make them feel.”
  • Economic Benefits: Drinking sucks hard-earned money. By having recourse to more healthy drinks like water and lemonade, young people protect their health and are able to save money for “other nice things like holidays and dinners out. It feels more justified.”
  • Social Reasons: Young people are drinking less because they want to see themselves as being different from the older heavy drinking generation.
  • Parental Guidance and Government Regulations: The government has brought about stricter regulations about selling drinks to young people. More young people continue to live with their parents now than in the past.  Both these factors have had a salutary effect on the drinking habits of the young.

(to be continued)

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