3 Effects of Pornography


The epidemic growth of pornography as the secret entertainment of all ages of all walks of life and economic backgrounds has led to the perversion of the beauty of intimate love proper to the marriage. Human beings presented in the images the body and sexual acts for base pleasure regard the other persons as objects to be used, manipulated, and sold. Pornography distorts the proper meaning and purpose of our sexuality and does grave injury to the dignity of its participants.

1 Challenge to Privacy and Individuality

Considering from a very Christian perspective, the man/woman created in the image of God is unique and has a sense of privacy and individuality. As fellow human beings we are called to respect the individuality and privacy of the others. However, every depiction of pornography and obscenity consists in exposing to public what is private and it affects the dignity entitled to everyone. Pornography distorts the basic healthy attitude to human person and to the sexual union. It promotes an attitude that views sex as something to be consumed at one’s will and even meaningless.

2 Degrades Human Dignity

The desire for pornography and the actualization of it causes the degradation and exploitation of other human beings. The extended feed on pornography poisons the minds of the individual to look at the other person as objects, degrading his dignity as a human being. It is the reduction of the other to nullification. It causes the annihilation of the communication which should take place between the other and me. To such a person, the other becomes an object of exploitation; they are stripped of their personality and considered only as a sex animal or some kind of sexual machine. It depersonalizes sex and exalts it for its own sake. The person loses his/her identity and he/she is not looked upon for love and compassion that could exist in a meaningful relationship.

3 Deteriorates Social Life

The continuous use of pornography causes damage to various aspects of a society. It causes the spiritual, psychological and emotional health of individuals and in turn causing the damage to families, the basic unit of human society.  The Vatican Commission says, ‘Indeed, pornography can militate against the family character of true human sexual expression. The more sexual activity is considered as a continuing frenzied search for personal gratification rather than as an expression of enduring love in marriage, the more pornography can be conserved as a factor contributing to the undermining of wholesome family life.’ The distorted thirst for intimacy as an impact of pornography can lead the members of the family to turn against and reject their commitment to each other. Pornography violates modesty, chastity, and truth, which human sexuality involves. The modesty which protects the privacy of individuals regarding what is most personal and intimate is challenged. To invade this privacy and unveil what should remain hidden is an assault of human dignity itself.

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