TakingStock: 4 Questions to make sense of the past year better


As we are coming to the close of another year, it is a good time to look back and reflect on what has transpired in our life last year. However, one important fact about reviewing is to look back with compassion.

One may want to approach this stock taking reviewing your life from different spheres such as emotional, physical, interpersonal, work, spiritual, health, financial, leisure, relationships, intellectual, creative etc.

Yet another way is to focus on the major events and achievements of the past year and analysing them one by one.

However, I feel these 4 questions can help us sense our past activates better

  1. What were the things/moments for which that I am grateful to God? What were my achievements?
  2. Which were my moments of failure?
  3. Who am I grateful to? Who are the people made a difference in my life?
  4. What things should I do differently in the coming year?

I am sure these questions would stand good when we are thinking of the year that is passing and the new one ahead. It is always good to make a note of what we think and reflect so as to make a better impact on ourselves.

Wish you all a fruitful week of reflection and a grace filled New Year!

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