28 Jan 2020: Rejoicing in the Lord



Memorial of Saint Thomas Aquinas, priest and doctor of the Church

Readings : 2 Samuel 6: 12b-15, 17-19; Mark 3: 31-35.

As I reflect on the readings today, I see two themes: 1) rejoicing in the LORD and 2) doing the will of GOD. David, in the First Reading, rejoices as the Ark of GOD (Ark of the Covenant) is brought into the city of Jerusalem. In the Gospel, Jesus speaks of the importance of doing the will of GOD and how that affects and enhances our relationship with Jesus.

The Gospel relates the account of the relatives of Jesus, including His mother, trying to get in to see Jesus. When Jesus is informed that his family was outside, Jesus remarks, “These are my mother and my relatives. Whoever does the will of GOD is a relative and mother to me.”

Mary’s specialness, including her being the mother of Jesus, flows from her obedience to GOD’s will. She became the mother of the Savior because she was willing to do whatever GOD asked of her. Jesus is complimenting her and praising her not just because she shared her humanity with Jesus but because she said “Yes” to GOD.

Thus, as I reflect on the readings today, I realized what I am called to do is to do GOD’s will, including rejoicing with abandon when I realize that I am a child of GOD and that GOD is with me. I need to be a person of joy (not giddiness nor frivolousness). I should be a person who knows the presence of GOD in my life. If that leads me to dance with abandon, so be it, as long as it is to give glory to GOD and help others know of the joy of the Lord Jesus which I have experienced. I need to spend time reflecting on whether I am doing GOD’s will. If I am, I will experience the joy which comes from GOD alone. That doesn’t mean I don’t have problems and difficulties, but that I sense GOD’s presence with me. It is in doing GOD’s will that I will realize the fraternal relationship I have with Jesus, my Brother.

The personal question/action for today: Do I rejoice when I am in the presence of GOD? What is the most difficult aspect of my doing GOD’s will? Is it knowing GOD’s will? Is it in giving up some of my control? Can people experience the joy I have when I am doing GOD’s will and realize that I am in relationship with the Lord Jesus, our brother? What can I do to share the joy of the Lord Jesus with someone today?

May you value and celebrate that Jesus has come to make us His brothers and sisters and adopted children of GOD, Who is His, and our, Abba-Father.


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