19 Dec 2019: The deep faith


Readings :Jgs:13:2-7, 24-25A

The readings of the day present to us two women who were barren and the way in which God promises them children: Simpson and John the Baptist. We see Zechariah, a man of old age, going to the temple to offer sacrifices, despite the fact that he did not have a child (a seeming greater punishment from God). God’s abandonment or God’s indifference towards the situation of this priest did not make him lose faith or to just walk away from his religious life. He continues to go year after year to the temple to look for his chance to offer sacrifices.

This example of Zechariah stands before, questioning us the level of our faith. Is our faith based on the signs, miracles, and favours obtained or on the person of Jesus? When we enter into that deep faith we too will be able to say along with the three youngsters who were about to be thrown into the fire: Our God is capable of saving us from this burning flames. Even if He does not do that way, we will still worship Him alone.

  1. Prayer: Lord, increase my faith. 
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