18 Dec 2019:God’s Justice


Wednesday of the Third Week of Advent
Readings : Jer 23:5-8, Mt 1:18-25

Dear brethren, the first reading of the day presents another name of God: the Lord our just one. God is our just one. Justice is the nature of God. He is just. And the people of Israel called Him as Yehovah Tsidkenu meaning, God is our just one.

The Gospel reading calls St. Joseph, the spouse of Mary, as the just one. From the human point of understanding a just man cannot condone anything other than normality. If Joseph is really a just man, he should have made known to the public that Mary was with a child before marriage, and that she is qualified to be stoned to death. But, his justice did not allow him to do that, rather he just wanted to put her away privately. This is the Biblical justice, this is the Divine justice and this is God’s justice.

It is this justice that made Him to send prophets after prophets to lead the people of Israel on the right path. It is this justice that caused Him to send His beloved son to be born in a stable. It is this justice that made Him to sacrifice His own only son on the cross. May this justice become our own. May His priorities be ours. Let us stive to have the same mind that Jesus Christ had on the earth (Phil 2: 5)

Prayer: God, make me just – just like you.

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