26 Feb 2017: One Step at a Time!


Eight Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle A)

Reading 1: Is 49:14-15; Reading 2: 1 Cor 4:1-5; Ps. 62: 2-9; Gospel: Mt 6:24-34

A man watching a clockmaker hook up a pendulum to a grandfather’s clock. He thought to himself: “that pendulum has to click for decades. Then he began to do some quick calculation- 6o ticks a minute, 3600 ticks an hour, 86,400 ticks a day, 6,04,800 ticks a week, 3,14,49,600 ticks a year.” The man imagined the pendulum saying: “Oh! I will never be able to make it.” Then he thought, “Of course! It will make it. It has to make only one tick a time.”

We often worry about the future so much that we destroy the present. Worry makes mockery of time; it fills the past with guilt, the future burdensome, and the worst, the present ineffective.

In today’s gospel, Jesus warns us against worry. Worry kills a person. Careful thought and planning is necessary. Jesus says do not be anxious.Two thousand years back, He told us not to be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own problems.

Jesus gives the following sound reasons against worrying:

  1. God as the Giver of Life:

God has given us life. If He has given us life, which is a greater thing, won’t He supply us with the lesser things?

  1. God’s providential Care:

God’s providential care embraces the disciples more than the birds. Therefore the disciples need not distract themselves.

  1. God the Master of Life:

Life and death lie in the hands of God. Worry does not add a single hour to our span of life. Therefore it is needless to worry.

  1. Caring God:

God cares of the lilies of the field. Then how much will He care for us who are the children of God.

  1. Total Trust in God:

Worrying is the nature of the non-believer. The believers must live in the present without worrying about the future, which is safe in the hands of our loving father.

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