11 Feb 2020; Internal Dispositions


Tuesday, Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

Bible presents through various incidents from the life of Jesus that from the very beginning of His ministry He experienced opposition. One such group among many groups are the Pharisees. They believed that loving God meant a close adherence in following the laws. The best example is presented in today’s gospel, wherein they question Jesus, regarding the washing of hands.  On the contrary Jesus’ teaching was based on love and self giving. Pharisees contradicted themselves in their external behaviour and internal practices. Their personal life did not resemble their external gestures.

We have two characters before us Jesus who was moved by compassion and the Pharisees for whom everything depended on the practice of law. The reading of today gives us an opportunity to introspect our own dispositions in life. Sometimes we might have lived like the Pharisees a double life. Sometimes our words may not have been the reflection of our interior convictions. The choice is always before us to whether to develop values in life or to be hypocrites like those presented in the gospel of today. My wish and prayer is that all that we say and do may flow from the good internal dispositions that we have developed and act justly before the Lord.

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