The Seeds of the Kingdom


A constant sight during the onset of monsoons is the sowing of seeds. The farmer needs to prepare his farmland for maximum utilization of the monsoon season. According to the prophets and Jesus, the greatest sin was not that of just committing an offense but that of an infertile ground/ a barren ground where God’s will cannot grow or function.

In today’s readings Jesus points out how god indiscriminately like a farmer, sows his seeds. The soil would refer to our souls in a permanent state of being either like a rock or a shrub or fertile. It could also refer to various stages in our lives where we are at times hurt by life experiences and our hearts harden to prevent being hurt again and do not allow Jesus to heal our lives. Or our feelings of inferiority or insecurity prevent us from allowing God to touch us as we are aware of his life changing touch and we may be like the thorny bush that choke the grace of God being planted in our lives. Or we may be in the stage of eternal childishness where we receive God with excitement but our minds are forever distracted, we cast him aside in a while.

Being called to be instruments of God’s grace too, our mission to be a channel of his presence in the world too could be interpreted in this manner. Do we choke the younger members in our communities or families through our words and actions and not be channels of his grace? Or are we disgruntled individuals who choose to distort the message of God with cynicism and sarcasm? Or are we heard hearted individuals who are superficial in our spirituality that when the actual call to be radical comes, we shy away and resort to bitterness.

We are called to be fertile instruments in the hands of God. We can cultivate and enrich the soil of our lives with the Word of God, personal prayer and communitarian fellowship. May Jesus Guide us.

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