Obeying the Law is Awesome


In today’s Gospel passage Jesus whom we always quote as saying to obey the spirit of the law and not just the law asks us to OBEY. He goes further in saying that anyone who does not obey the law and leads others to disobey is sinful. This apparent contradiction that we feel is infact incorrect if we truly understand the words of Jesus.

Jesus asks us to obey the law because of the wisdom that exists in its construction. Many a time we especially when we are in our rebellious teens tend to dismiss anything that seems overbearing on our freedom. Jesus asks us to go beyond the law only and only when it is  a question of love. This as Jesus proclaimed, “our love of God and neighbor”

In our world it is immensely popular to break the law and be recognized for it. This could be on the road or in our day to day activities. Jesus asks us today to OBEY. This is not out of blind faith but trust that God has been working in individuals who have set the law and our abiding by them to an extent is abiding by what God wants us to do.

Let us examine our lives and see how we could be obedient to the law in our various circumstances.

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