30 Dec 2016: Let Us Venture into the World to Give Witness


Feast of Saint Andrew, Apostle

Reading 1. Rom. 10: 9-18; Ps. 19: 8-11; Gospel. Mt. 4: 18-22

It was surprising to hear in the gospel reading of today that the four men – Peter, Andrew, James and John –left the boats and nets (the sources of their livelihood) and followed Jesus. Indeed, the call of Jesus was commanding in nature, yet assuring of the deepest realities that could be experienced. He promised to make them fisher of men. They believed in his assurance. For the sake of Christ, they gave up everything. As a result, they experienced what was promised.

Every call consists of both the sacrifices to be made as well as the fruits that are enjoyed by faithfulness to the call. It is an invitation for us to evaluate our response to the call of God. Have we realized the call of God for our daily living– expressed in the individual mission? What are the sacrifices have we made in answering the call? ,

God, in a special way, continues to call men and women to tell the whole world that Jesus, through his passion, death and resurrection, has redeemed the human kind. In short, God invites us all to be preachers – by both words and deeds. As St. Paul clarifies in the first reading preachers are necessary to speak of Christ, that in hearing the people may believe; and in believing they may call on God; and in calling on God they may all be saved. Today’s feast of St. Andrew, the apostle of God’s kingdom, invites all of us to become preachers of the values of Christ in this technologically modernized, yet spiritually deprived world. By our witness we are called to give Christ to others: his values and wisdom, his hope and salvation, his comfort and sanctification. We are all called to be an apostle of Christ. Are we ready?


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