Demarcation between the Earthly Life and Heavenly Kingdom


Memorial of Saint Andrew Dung-Lac, Priest, and Companions, Martyrs

Reading 1Rv 11:4-12; Gospel Lk 20:27-40

Many people came to Jesus and asked questions.Some asked genuine questions to clarify their doubts,but some came only to trick him.One such person was this Sadducee,who asked a question regarding resurrection, something he himself didn’t believe in .In reply Jesus points out the  clear demarcation between the earthly life and the heavenly kingdom.The rules that applied while ,here on earth become obsolete the moment a person dies.On earth a person lives,marries,has children and dies.The moment of reckoning comes once he dies.If he believed in Jesus,he would then go  on to live forever in the heavenly kingdom.Here he would be transformed resembling an angel ,and here there would be no marriage or children or death.All who qualified for this place would be called the children of God and they would live in His presence forever .
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