Dec 17, 2018: The Reason for Christmas?


Monday, Third Week of Advent

First Reading: Gen. 49:2; 8-10; Ps. 72:1-2, 3-4ab, 7-8, 17;Gospel: Mt. 1:1-17.

Today’s gospel establishes the fullness of Christ’s humanity …the totality of his incarnation. The gospel passage introduces Jesus who took upon himself the fallen nature of man, but did not succumb to sin. Though he was sinless he bore upon himself the consequence of sin in solidarity to the entire human race. In him was the fullness of man, fullness in every aspect of man except sin. His genealogy would not only trace his lineage to the royal line of David and Solomon, but also to a pedigree spawned out of adultery, murder and incest. His ancestry would include Uriah’s wife of whom David fathered Solomon after getting her husband killed. Tamar who tricked her father-in-law into begetting her children could also be spotted in the genealogy.

Jesus shared with us our falleness, our imperfections, our limitations so that these inadequacies be expunged and transcended through his salvific passion, death and resurrection. That was his life’s mission. That was the purpose of his incarnation. That is the reason for Christmas.

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