Dec 11, 2018: Jesus Christ, ‘Business Man of the Millennia (1 CE-2018 CE)’?


Tuesday, 2nd Week of Advent

First Reading: Is. 40:1-11; Ps. 96:1-2, 3 and 10ac, 11-12, 13; Gospel: Mt. 18:12-14

Illogicality is the hallmark of authentic love. The moment love becomes rational it seizes to be genuine. To leave behind the ninety-nine sheep on the hillside and to go in search of the stray one seems absurd to a rational mind – even of the lowest degree. What if something unfortunate befalls the ninety-nine? Let’s say, the shepherd succeeded to find the lost one and returned to his herd, only to find that the flock was attacked by wild beasts! Was it all worth the life of the strayed one? Should he take the risk again if he were to lose another one in the future?

To a business mind, where everyone is reduced to just numbers, it is ridiculous to do so. Even the ardent follower of business ethics, would tag the strayed one as a loss incurred in transit. Such a loss must be ‘written off’ to secure the investment on the livestock from further loss. In the world of supply and demand, the herd is reduced to a livestock, as if it were a stock of stationery, groceries, etc. Between an investor and his investment there is no relationship, no love, just vested interest – profit!

Christ, the Good Shepherd will never feature as the “Business Man of the Year” on the cover of any business magazine – ever. He could only be the worst of all entrepreneurs. His business is bound to run at a loss! When he fed the 5000, he gave them in excess of 12 baskets; he fed 4000 hungry people with 7 baskets full to spare; what a waste! He charged none – not a penny for his services rendered to the sick and the possessed. It cannot be considered even as an advertisement or brand-building investment, for all he gained of it was bad publicity.

To the eyes of the world, he is a loser. His business is of another realm much beyond our understanding. To him, every soul is an asset to be protected no matter what the cost! His interest is procurement of assets, with no intention of selling and profiting out of it. His vested interest is the self-actualization of all his assets, the self-actualization of his creation. To him, cost is no impediment, but a necessity, even if it were to cost himself – his very life! In his business, the investor is valued less than the investment. The Creator would write himself off to protect his creation.

The first reading, speaks of the coming of the Lord of Sabaoth in all his might, who would rule with a strong arm. And what a reign it would be! The last time he came he manifested his might as an outlaw crucified naked; even his lifeless body was punctured with a lance to spill his blood to its last drop. His so called ‘strong’ arms that were nailed to the rood weren’t strong enough to bear his own weight but got dislocated from his shoulders! He was left to be hung for 3 hours to be asphyxiated to death. The only sign of sovereignty about this person on the cross was the royal diadem made of thorns!

May we, for God’s sake, take him seriously at least on his second coming, for whom we wait so impatiently, crying our ‘Maranatha’. Until then, let’s not lose our souls for His sake. Let’s not give up on ourselves, for the sake of The One who gave Himself up for us.

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