8 August, 2017: Do not be Afraid


Memorial of St. Dominic

  1. Reading 1: Num 12. 1-13; Gospel: Matthew:14:22-23

Today’s gospel reading on Jesus walking on water invites us to place our trust in God especially in times of trials and tribulations. “Take heart, it is I do not be afraid,” were the consoling words of Jesus to the frightened apostles. In fact, we come across this phrase ‘do not be afraid’ so many times in the Bible. When Peter cried out in fear ‘Lord, save me’ Jesus reached out and held him. God is just a prayer away. Even when unpleasant things happen in our life let us be sure that God is there for us and He will take care of us and we are in His safe hands. Let us not allow the troubles and problems of our life to take away our trust in God.

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