7 March, 2018: User Manual


Wednesday of the Third Week of Lent

Reading: Dt. 4. 1, 5-9; Gospel: Mt. 5. 17-19.

Today the Lord is speaking to us about the importance of the law and prophets. Jesus tells us that He came, not to abolish but to fulfill the law (Mt 5:18).

Instead of going into a theological reflection on the law and prophets, let us approach it in a practical manner. You know these days there are very many new inventions due to the advancement in science and technology. Every other day, there is a new gadget available. Whenever we buy these gadgets or inventions, they come with a small pamphlet called ‘User Manual’. This user manual tells us about the purpose for which the gadget is invented and how to use it or how not to use it. Whether the product is cheap or costly, small or big, we always take care to abide by these rules and regulations provided by the inventors (failing which we lose warranty/guarantee claim). This holds true to every human invention.

Human beings were created by God. The purpose of our creation and how we ought to live is designed by God, the Creator. The ‘User Manual’ that God gave for the crown of His creation – human beings is called ‘The Ten Commandments’. They surmise all the ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ of human life and activity. While we make it a point to observe the rules and regulations with regard tohuman  inventions, we carelessly ignore the rules and regulations set out by God for our own human life. What a contrasting behavior!

On the contrary, Jesus upholds the importance of the law (commandments) saying that not a letter or a stroke of a letter will pass away before all is accomplished. Even during His life, Jesus followed the commandments and explained to people the original intention or essence of the commandments of God. He not only preached but also practiced it in His life on earth (Gal 4:4,5).

If God the Creator, who is above all creation, gave such importance to His own laws/commandments, how much more should we as His creatures revere and adhere to them?

How important are God’s commandments to you? How eager are you to adhere to God’s commandments? Do remember that it is adherence to the commandments that guarantees heaven to humanity.

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