4 July, 2017: Priorities.


Tuesday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Gn 19.15-29; Gospel: Mt. 8.23-27

Today’s gospel reminds us about the power of Jesus over nature. It could be seen as one of the miracles of Jesus for He was considered a wonder worker. Even Jesus’ own disciples were amazed at what had happened.

What happens to each one of us when such stormy wind occurs in our life journey? What action will you take when such occurrences takes place? Most often we will try to stick on or take away all the possessions that we hold close to our hearts. This often leaves behind a lot of tension and concern because we have lost things that we haven’t taken or about things that could have been taken. Often worries and concerns are not about life or about the family and people with whom we live. It is all about the things that comfort us. And so through this gospel passage Jesus’ reminds us about the need to cling on to him when troubled by the daily life storms. It is an invitation to give priority to God in our lives.

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