31 July, 2017: Building the Kingdom of God


Memorial of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Reading 1: Ex. 32. 15-24, 30-34; Gospel: Mt. 13.31-35

Two things that today’s Gospel drive my attention is, the role of;

  1. the man in taking the mustard seed and sowing
  2. the woman in taking the yeast and mixing.

The result of these  two actions are very clear that irrespective of their shape and size, the outcome is greater. The seed grows, as the greatest of shrubs and becomes a tree which shelters the birds. Similarly the yeast leavens the whole of flour.

But would these great happenings be possible by the seed and the yeast by themselves, if not for the man who sowed the seed and the woman who mixed the yeast. No matter what they could bring forth; they would have remained as a seed and yeast till someone intervened with them.These actions of the two (the man and the woman) reminds us of God’s action of sending His only son to the world.

The next question that would arise is, why did He send His only Son? It is because He wanted human beings to know what the Kingdom of God is like. In the person of Jesus Christ we were made known what the Kingdom of God is like. Now with this it becomes clear that Kingdom of God is not an idea but presence of Jesus Christ Himself. Thus, for us to experience how the Kingdom of God is like, we must allow the person of Jesus Christ to be planted within us in our heart.

In today’s Gospel we also see the  Kingdom of God being compared with the smallest of all the seeds and the microscopic organism (yeast), because Jesus is  expecting from us, not a big start but a small start, as the Kingdom of God in earth started with Christ and His disciples in a very smaller way. Today’s living Church is an example of how smaller things like mustard seed and yeast cam give greater outcomes. Therefore, today we are invited not to waste our time any more but to begin our work in building the Kingdom of God in ways that we are able to. Amen

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