30 Jan 2020; Our lives as followers of the Lord Jesus.


Thursday; Third Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: 2 Sam 7: 18-19, 24-29; Mk 4: 21-25.

Today’s First Reading is David’s response to yesterday’s First Reading in which Nathan the prophet told David that GOD wanted to build up the household of David rather than David build a house for GOD. In the passage for today, David praises GOD for the great things GOD has done for Israel in general and for David in particular. David goes into the presence of the LORD and pours out his prayers of thanks to GOD.

The Gospel today is made up a few of the sayings of Jesus. These sayings are expanded in the other Gospels. Yet even in their abbreviated form in Mark’s Gospel, they give us a lot to think about. Jesus begins by saying that the purpose of a lamp is to give light and not to be hidden. Things are sometimes hidden for a while, but are later put out in the open to be revealed at a specific time. Jesus then tells His listeners to hear what He is saying. Jesus ends this section with a promise that those who are gracious and giving will receive more than they give.

To me, the readings speak about what our response should be in living out our lives as followers of the Lord Jesus. We are called to come into GOD’s presence and spend time acknowledging the greatness of our GOD – praising GOD for what GOD has done, is doing, and will do. In proclaiming the awesomeness of GOD, we also humbly admit who we are called to be: servants of GOD. Like David, reflecting on the Almighty should inspire us. David was inspired to write psalms, sing GOD’s praises, and dance with abandon before the LORD. He was enthusiastic in his response to GOD.

I choose two words to describe David’s response: “inspired” and “enthusiastic” – both words speak about relationship with GOD. Being inspired and enthusiastic should lead us take the light we have been given and not hid it, but put it where the light can shine on others. We should be positively anxious to reveal how we have been enlightened by GOD and want to express what GOD is doing in our lives. It should motivate us to being even more intent on spending time listening to what the Lord Jesus is saying to us. Being inspired and enthusiastic, we should be willing to give to others what we have received. In doing so, we will be even more inspired and become more enthused, since we will see GOD’s hand at work in the lives of the people around us.

Being inspired and enthusiastic leads to a positive cycle of spreading GOD’s love. We come into GOD’s presence, get filled with GOD’s love and enlightened by GOD’s graciousness. We then go out and share that with others. When this happens, the world is enriched, and, hopefully, others are inspired and enthused in order to start a virtuous cycle of Goodness (instead of vicious cycle of evil). Each of us, as an individual, can make a difference. It starts with our relationship with GOD. It is there that we become enthused and inspired. Then we can go out and touch others’ lives. They, in turn, start building their relationship with GOD, and the cycle goes on.

  • The personal question/action for today: When have I felt truly inspired (that GOD has breathed the Holy Spirit into me)? When have I felt enthusiastic (experienced GOD within me)? Do I set aside enough time each day to allow GOD to touch my life so that I might be enthused and inspired and then let the Light of Christ shine through me and touch other people’s life? What will I do to be more open to GOD during my reflective time with the Lord Jesus today?

May you continue to take what GOD gives you and share it with others and thus be blessed and enriched even more.

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