30 August 2019; Self-awareness


Friday of the Twenty-first Week in Ordinary Time
Readings;1 THES 4:1-8, Matthew 25:1-13

Jesus is speaking to His disciples about the Kingdom of God and how the King is coming when He comes. Those in the Kingdom are those for whom He comes. Lamps are means by which we see, firstly ourselves, then those around us for whom and to whom the King is also coming.

The King is always coming whether we are awake or asleep. Love constantly moves toward the loved, the ones come to, come for. Jesus asks us to know and live the difference between “self-awareness” and “self-absorption”. The wise are those, who by the light of faith, can see themselves and then all others in the Light of Christ, belonging in and to Christ. The “unwise” have lost sight, light, and live in the darkness of a self-contained prison. They do not know themselves except in the darkness of exclusion and fear.

The ”wise” are those who have stayed awake, not to the final, last, coming of Christ, but alert to the next coming. The self-aware person is attuned to the presence of Jesus in the hungry, naked, imprisoned, thirsty and in any way, marginalized. Jesus welcomes those “wise, well-lighted” in today’s parable and He welcomes those who will enter His kingdom, because they are already there. The “self-aware” are awake to their own sacred place in the lives of others and the place others have in their continued creation by the Loving, Creating God.

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