29 Oct 2019: Trust in Jesus


Tuesday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Rom 8:18-25, Lk 13:18-21

In the two comparisons of today’s gospel Jesus shows us that he knows how to think big in the good sense of the word. He’s not into the numbers game. He’s not merely attracted to the big audience. Yet Jesus shows here that his heart is filled with confidence. From the tiny mustard seed a huge shrub will grow. From the tiny amount of yeast the whole mass of dough will rise. Such is the kingdom of god; it may grow slowly but it will grow, because it is lined up correctly with the heavenly father’s will.

Jesus is not worried about seeking big results in numbers. He’s simply concerned that the right seeds are planted. In fact we can’t say that the plan of God for his people points to the humility and complete trust of Jesus in the father and in the spirit?

Jesus plants the seeds, but he leaves the phenomenal growth of the kingdom to the work of his successor, the Holy Spirit. After the ascension of Jesus, on the tenth day comes the mighty wind and the spreading name of Pentecost. Jesus leaves the growth of the kingdom of god to the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of his followers. As bringers of the Good News, as missionaries of the lord, we need that confidence, that humility and trust of Jesus. We ask the lord to guide, so that we may plant the right seeds, and then we depend on the mighty work of the spirit to make the kingdom grow.













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