29 Aug 2018; Les miserables


Beheading of Saint John the Baptist

R1: Jer. 1. 17-19; Gospel: Mk. 6. 17-29

Today, we keep the feast of Saint John the Baptist. About John, Jesus testified, “there is no person born of a woman that is greater than him. “we have an appt description about John in the first reading of today. Someone who stood up and spoke whatever God commanded him… fearless… Stood up against Kings… who was oppressed by many but not conquer because God was with him.

Herod is a contrasting character. He was a king, had a power; yet he was so powerless. he had some goodness that made him love the Baptist but feared Herodias which finally caused him to do what he never intended to: kill John the Baptist. He couldn’t stand up for what he believed in. To save his name, he gave up John the Baptist to death. But he lost himself. We learn later that Herod lived in fear of John the Baptist, to the point that he thought that he had come back from the dead.

This is the lot of those who betray their conscience and live to please others. They will never be satiated and live miserably, Inspite of every riches that surround them.

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