28 Oct 2019: Perfect Choice


Feast of Saints Simon and Jude, Apostles
Reading 1Eph 2:1922, Lk 6:12-16

Jesus chooses his disciples to carry out what he intended to do in future. We must realize that the choosing of the twelve is a divine act. Christianity is built on these men whom God ordained to be apostles. Christianity is the new patch that can’t be sewn into an old garment. It’s the new wine that can’t be poured into old wineskins.  Prior to the choosing of the “twelve”, he went out to a mountain to pray. It was this prayer which enabled Jesus to take crucial decisions in his ministry. Jesus is not only praying for the choice but in every events of his life he resorts to prayer. Jesus always makes prayer his utmost priority, because without prayer, his ministry would not have any power.

These twelve were not the perfect choice as we know what happens afterwards. None of them had outstanding talents or abilities. To the contrary, they were all prone to mistakes, wrong attitudes, resentment, and failure of faith. Even the leader of the group, Peter was very impulsive and Jesus was amazed at how slow they are to learn.

Furthermore, we see from that God loves this variety fold of his selection. There is not one perfect mold that Christians must fit into. Some of them were fishermen. Two of them, one a tax collector and the other a religious zealot. Don’t ever think that we can’t qualify to be a disciple of Christ. If these men qualify then we too qualify. To be a disciple means first and foremost to be a learner.  A lot of people think that following Christ is all about doing what Christ would do. The problem is that we cannot do what Jesus would do, unless we first become like Jesus. He does not want us to do great things for him. He wants to do great things for you and through you. But the only way that is going to happen is if you get to know Jesus. Listen to him and learn from him. As you go through this process of listening and learning he will assign us for a mission as he assigned his apostles. But it all begins with sitting at his feet and learning. This is these twelve apostles did. And this is why he used them in such great ways…..




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