28 Aug 2018; Tradition: setting boundaries


Tuesday of 21st Week in Ordinary Time

R1: 2 Thes 2.1-3a,14-17; Gospel: Mt. 23. 23-26

What is the difference between God and human beings. One way of looking at it is described by the terms – finiteness and infinity or limitedness and unlimitedness. When God became man, infinity became finite, to show that human finiteness has a boundary quite big as infinity, which is yet to be explored. A law sets boundary to freedom – the boundary is set so as to ensure that others also enjoy freedom. The boundary should be comfortably big. We know how to treat animals: we don’t put a dog in a space as small as parrot’s cage; we put a bear in a big enclosure and not in a dog’s kennel. But when it comes to human beings we make lost sometimes unbearable. Jesus is denouncing the Pharisees and scribes for the same. They make it impossible for others by setting the boundaries so uncomfortable close. The Pharisees were like the VIP caravan on the highway that blocks all the other vehicles. Traditions are part of our rich culture. They often tend to become unwritten laws. But we must see if these traditions have grown with time. Like St. Paul said, we, by upholding traditions are called to encourage and strengthen others through every word and deed.

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