28 April 2018: I am in the Father and the Father is in me


Saturday of the Fourth Week of Easter

Reading 1: Acts. 13: 44-52; Gospel: Jn. 14: 7-14

I am in the  Father and the Father is in me ( Jn 14/ 10, 11)

Today we celebrate the centenary of the apparition of our Blessed Mother at Fatima, to the three children Lucia, Jacintha and Francisco.   Like yesterday, in the Gospel today once Jesus gives another profound statement of his deep identity; I am in the  Father and the Father is in me. It would not be an exaggeration to affirm that this is one of the most profound I am statements.  In fact, we could classify the I am statements into two categories; those that reveal his identity in relation to the father and those that clarify his relationship with us human beings.  It is beyond all doubt that his eternal and fundamental identity is his relationship with his heavenly Father.  And that relationship is the springboard of his relationship with each one of us.  Our personal relationship with Jesus is based on his self-identity.  So a first step in deepening our personal relationship with Jesus is to deepen our faith in who Jesus really is, the beloved Son of the Father,  totally united with him.  As he assures us today, his union with the Father is total and complete.  May we have the grace to deepen our faith in the self-identity of Jesus. This will naturally help us deepen our intimacy with him.

As we celebrate this commemoration of our Blessed Mother of Fatima, let us once again to turn to the Mother of Jesus to help us deepen knowledge of and intimacy with Jesus. Our Blessed Mother knows Jesus best not only as her beloved son but also as the Son of God, in eternal and total union with his Father. May her prayers bring, us closer to Jesus.

Holy Mother of Fatima, help us to believe as you did, that the Lord Jesus is in the Father and the  Father is in Jesus.

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