27 November, 2017: Am I a Cheerful Giver?


Monday of the 34th week in Ordinary Time

Reading: Dn.1.1-6, 8-20; Gospel: Lk.21. 1-4.

Jesus praises poor widow who gave everything she had for the temple treasury and presents her as a model of true discipleship. Jesus demands from his disciples total detachment from possessions and dependence on God, because no one can become a true disciple of Jesus without giving up everything that one owns. The rich young man refused to do it; the poor widow, like Simon and his fishing partners and Levi the tax collector who left everything to follow Jesus, gives to God “ all she had to live on”. God is not interested in the amount one gives but the attitude and the spirit with which the offering is made. The infallible measure of one’s love for God and commitment to Jesus is not the amount one gives but what one keeps for oneself. Do I believe that giving and discipleship are intrinsically related? Am I a cheerful giver?

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