27 Jan 2020: God is in Control



Monday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time
Reading :  2 Samuel 5: 1-7, 10; 2, Mark 3: 22-30.

GOD is in control. That is one focus of today’s readings. The passage from 2 Samuel describes how GOD established David as king, first of Judah with his seat of government in Hebron, and eventually, king of all the tribes of Israel with his headquarters in Jerusalem. The Responsorial Psalm likewise affirms GOD’s choice of David as the ruler of the Chosen People. In the Gospel, Jesus describes the source of His authority as being divine, even though some of the Jewish leaders want to credit His power to the devil.

The Gospel today portrays Jesus as casting out evil spirits. Those who are against Jesus remark that it is by Beelzubel (the devil himself) that Jesus casts out the evil spirits. Not only does Jesus refute their error by pointing out that from mere human logic that would not work, but Jesus also condemns those who attribute to the devil the work which can only be done by GOD.

GOD is in control. If we ever affirm that anyone or anything else is in total control, we are sinning against the Holy Spirit for we are declaring that GOD is not in control. Yet, as humans, it is so easy to try to take control or give our allegiance to anyone or anything other than GOD. When we do so, we limit GOD’s power in our lives. We can do that so much that we prevent GOD from acting and sharing with us the gift of salvation.

If we choose to do without GOD either because we think we can do it ourselves (presumption) or we think we are beyond GOD’s help (despair), then GOD respects our choice and will not force us to accept divine help.

The personal question/action for today: How have I limited GOD’s action in my life by my attitude of being overly assertive about not needing GOD’s help in one or more areas of my life? Have I ever been presumptive of my own power or despairingly think that I was beyond GOD’s help? How can I more fully accept GOD’s control in my life? Do I agree that the government can make laws which violate the rights of the unborn? What can I do to protect the rights of the unborn? What can I do to help others know the value of letting GOD rule in their lives?

May you continue to let GOD be the center of your life and allow GOD to be in control.


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