26 March 2020; May the World know that we are Christians by our Love


Thursday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Ex. 32. 7-14; Jn. 5. 31-47

While God was preparing the covenant document with Moses, at the very same time, his people with whom he was making the covenant was blatantly breaking the covenant. So fickle a people. Well, before we come to blame them and tend to justify ourselves, let us make an examination of conscience and see if we have been any better.

Moses had to intercede to appease God who was about to destroy that nation. God relents. Afterall he is merciful and we are very good at exploiting his mercy. It is surprising to note that Moses interceded for these people and saved them. But, he could not elicit it for himself, when God denied him entry into the promised land.

In today’s gospel Jesus states clearly how we have failed to believe in God even after having witnessed things unheard of. He wants us to be saved. The only way to be saved is in and through Him. Yet, we refuse to believe in him.

He wants us to bear witness to him, although he doesn’t need us to do it. May the world know that we are Christians by our love. He expects us to bear witness to him, to prove to the world that Jesus was not just a person at one point in the history, but is the man that pervades all time and the Universal means of salvation. Moses did it for his people. Joseph of the Old Testament proved it to his brothers and became saviour to the sons of Israel. Abraham took nothing for himself and became the father of the nation.

Jesus left everything (he did not consider equality with God), gave up everything, even his own life to give life to everyone. Today, we are invited to be witnesses to Christ by being Christ like. May they know we are Christians by our love.



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