26 April 2018: I know the ones I have chosen


“I know the ones I have chosen.” This verse is a moving statement of Jesus, taken from the narrative of the last supper. There is always a strong bond between Mater and the disciple. The disciple may acquire more knowledge than the master himself but he can never be greater than the master because it is the master who motivated him to be a seeker of truth and instilled in him a passion for wisdom and knowledge. Therefore, it is natural that the master expects his disciple to be loyal to him. But Jesus knew from the beginning that one among his disciples would betray him. It was Judas but Christ gave him a second chance to the very end. But he chose to be indifferent to the salvation proclaimed by Christ. He felt that his master lost the focus and misguided the people in their attempt to attain the political liberation from the yoke of Roman slavery. Judas failed to understand Jesus and the message that he brought forth. As a result, he betrayed his master with a kiss of love.

What about us? Are we with the master or trying to be greater than the master like Judas? Christ has chosen us from eternity and he knew whom he has chosen. As we follow Jesus let us seek divine grace to grow in our fidelity to Christ.

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