24 Oct 2019: Redemption: A Free Gift of God


29th Week in Ordinary Time

Readings; Rom 6:19-23,Lk 12:49-53

Every spirituality encourages good and avoidance of evil. And the preferential choice to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is very much inbuilt. No matter how hard we try we sometimes undergo that dark night experience of the soul. Sometimes we are fascinated and easily taken away by the materialistic degenerative world of temporary passions and desires. But is this the end of all? Sometimes we think so. World seems a void before us. Sense of feeling that ‘nothing good going to happen to me’ dominates us. Moreover, guilt rules us and we easily become victims of past to the extent of taken astray from the Lords presence. Are we not left with hope? Yes we are. Jesus has assured, “I have come for the lost sheep of Israel…” Redemption from sin and this world is a freely given gift to all. No matter where and how we are, openness to divine goodness can bring change, a change that will be worth commemorating. May God instill in us a desire and thirst for spiritual renewal to overcome the wages of sin.

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