23 Oct 2018: Rewarding


Tuesday of the Twenty-ninth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Eph. 2: 12-22; Gospel: Lk. 12: 35-38

In today’s gospel, Jesus is telling us how a master would reward his servant whom he found to be vigilant and committed to the task assigned him. I remember an incident that had touched my life very much. Those were the days we were preparing for a drama. We had classes in the morning and we had to find our own free time to get ready the Script and do the practices. Sometimes we went on late into the night. I happened to doze off in the class. The professor saw me and my neighbour was about to wake me up, then the professor told him not to do so because he realised that I would be tired because of the late night shifts. This is a master rewarding his servant for his commitment. Human as we are, if we can be so compassionate how much more so would God do it, especially when he has promised it.

In the first reading we see how Paul is telling the Faithful that Christ has broken down all forms of divisions and have made us all, one in Him. It is sad to know that’s some claim privileges in the church. I know of persons, who claim to be better Christian because their faith traditions. It is OK to take pride in the glorious past, but it is something else to look down  upon others because they received Christ much later. Already in the Apostolic times, St. Paul, as we saw in today’s first reading, disapproves of such divisions. God rewards all equally, even those who came in the first hour and the one who came in the last hour. 

Also, awaiting Christ, we are called to be his servants: serving him in our neighbours. And Christ, having broken down all walls of division has made us all one family, we are called to serve each other.

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