23 March 2020; The Last Resort


Monday of the fourth week of Lent

Is. 65.17-21; Jn. 4.43-54

The first reading infuses us with hope: I shall create a new heaven and new earth… neither a voice of weeping nor a voice of outcry will be heard anymore. A state that all are awaiting. Sometimes it could seem too real to believe. Well, look around; there is nothing that could make us believe these ‘promises’. A lot of false prophets have arisen. Recently, there came a movie in Malayalam (Trance) that portrayed false god men indulged in healing ministry and minting money. Yes, it is very difficult to believe in these promises.

In today’s gospel, an official (ruler) comes into the scene in such a scenario. Being a ruler, he must have tried everything, tried every doctors. Yet, he comes to Jesus. This must have been his last attempt. He is desperate (his son was dying). Jesus was becoming famous as a healer and miracle worker. And when he comes to Jesus, He doesn’t welcome him as he expects. Jesus seems to be harsh on him. But, he asks Jesus to come visit his Son. His persistence is his expression of faith. There is one more test of faith. Without even enquiring anything or visiting him, Jesus announces his healing. The man believes and goes ahead. And his faith saved his son.

Jesus is not our last resort. He should be our first stop. In these times, we are presented with examples to believe. Belief is the only way to make the new heaven and earth a reality.


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