23 December, 2017: Silence


Saturday of the Third Week of Advent

Reading: Mal. 3. 1-4, 23-24; Gospel: Lk. 1. 57-66 

These days we have been closely following the annunciations… and preparing ourselves to receive Jesus. Zechariah as we saw found it difficult to believe the glad tidings brought by the angel, because of which he became mute. When we find it difficult to perceive the good things around us, then we can’t proclaim them; we become spiritually mute.

During his long period of silence (his period of completion of temple service and his return home, conception of John and his birth), he finally perceived the truth. Inspite of having gone against the customs, he was finally bold and underlined the words spoken by the angel: “His name shall be John.” And when he was able to assert the Word of God, then his mouth was opened and he could not but praise God. Zechariah’s life experience shows us that discover and understand God in the silence of our hearts. Once again, God is not found in storm and thunder, but in the gentle breeze. And once we find him, we cannot remain silent about Him anymore.

We are just two days away from Christmas. How prepared are we to receive Jesus? Have we spent some time alone with Him in silence to reflect over His mysteries? If not, this is the time to do so. Let us not be foolish to remain unprepared to welcome Him, for we do not know the time of His coming and when He comes, let us not be found unprepared.

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