22 Oct 2019: Disciples of one who brought Salvation


29th Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Rom, 5:12,15b, 17-19, 20b-21, Lk, 12:35-38

Life leaves us with many choices. Some end up doing good and remembered for generations, while others who do evil and still remembered. We all are familiar with great figures like, Nelson Mandela who fought the good cause and Hitler for the havoc done. The first reading of today tells us that through one man sin came into the world and through one man redemption from the sin. As Christians we are disciples of that one master Jesus Christ who brought salvation to people through His everyday encounter. Individually analyzed at the end of the day we can be either a disciple of that one man who brought sin or the disciple of one who brought salvation, Jesus Christ. Wide vacant is the space before us to do good and strive for the goodness of all. This invites us to be in constant awareness of the presence of the Lord who is ready to act through us and as the gospel says, “Blessed those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes.”

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