21 Dec 2019: A Happy Meeting


Saturday of the Third Week of Advent

Readings: Sg2:8-14, Lk1:39-45

A Happy Meeting


The Gospel passage of the day presents to us a happy meeting between Blessed Virgin Mary and Elizabeth. Both of them greet each other, bless each other and wish good for each other. This raises a question in us about the quality of our meetings. Do our meetings have greeting, blessing or wishing and desiring good for others? Or is it filled with selfish desires, personal ambitions or improper intentions that do not contribute to the growth of both? The quality of the meeting between Mary and Elizabeth was so rich because it happened in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Mary was already filled with the Holy Spirit according to the announcement from angel Gabriel, and Elizabeth was filled as she was visited by Mary. Our meetings too will become meaningful if we are led and filled by the Spirit – to say in other words, if we are prayerful. May we receive that grace.


  1. Prayer: Lord, bless our meetings to be filled by You, Amen.


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