21 August 2019; Is God Partial?


Memorial of Saint Pius X, Pope
Reading 1Jgs 9:6-15; GospelMt 20:1-16

Praise God. One may think after reading the Gospel today how God can be so partial. How one can call him just. Is it the problem of God or the problem of human nature?

He promised the usual daily wages to all the daily to all the workers and he kept it. He did not show any partiality but kept his word. The problem arose when the labourers found that the owner treated all the workers equally.

Dear reader, we see in the last part of the passage, Jesus addressing the labourers. ‘Are you all envious because l am generous?’ God in his goodness and mercy showers his graces upon us and others. But instead of giving thanks to God, we often Remain finding fault. The sin of envy causes in us a selfish ambition to act against the goodness of others and thus find pleasure. When someone performs better than us, when someone prays fervently than us, we tent to be envious. God is asking today to get rid of our envious nature. For where there is envy and selfish ambition there will also be disorder and weakness of every kind.

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