20 August 2019; God of Possibilities


Memorial of Saint Bernard, Abbot and Doctor of the Church
Reading 1Jgs 6:11-24A; Gospel Mt 19:23-30

Praise God. Life is full of worries. We tend to be happy nevertheless troubles get piled up. How to run the family? How to earn a better living? How to be happy always? How can I please everyone? So on and so forth. The Gospel today introduces us the God of possibilities. When the disciples found the way of Salvation as a difficult task, they questioned themselves. Who will be saved? Jesus consoles them with a wonderful revelation. For mortals it is impossible but for God all things are possible. David had no worries when hefacedGoliath and similarly Daniel had no tension when he was thrown into the den of lions. We see Moses quite sure of his mission to liberate Israelites.

A blessed Mother had no doubt once she responded yes the God. Apostles were not afraid to proclaim the word the gentiles for they all put their trust in God. Believe in the holy name of Jesus. You may be a victim of business failure, a broken marriage, a bankruptcy, call on the name of Jesus, call on the God of possibilities. ‘Pray to him and he will hear you.’(Job 22/27)

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