19 Feb 2020; Be Strong in Faith


Wednesday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

Praise God. A blind man is brought to Jesus by a group of people. They pleaded to Jesus to heal him. We see across the Gospel, situations of similar kind. The paralytic was brought to Jesus by opening the roof. We see even Gentiles (centurion) pleading Jesus on behalf of others. They share their faith in Jesus Christ with others by inviting them or bringing them to the divine presence. The Gospel today is exhorting us to have faith deeply rooted to share it with others.

We see in the Old Testament a man (Abraham) who is called as the father of the faithful. Moses a stammerer ties up a whole generation lead them to the promised land. One will be surprised to know the faith Ruth, a gentile woman. Faith in the crucified Jesus urged St. Peter Damien to be the shelter and consolation for the lepers in the island of Molocco. Dear reader,  therefore grow strong in faith. Come what may. Never go astray. The promises of the world  may attract you to walk other way. Troubles and worries may strike you down. Difficulties and temptations may attempt to blow off the light of faith in you. Nevertheless stay close to God and you will see wonders in your life.

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