18 Sep 2019: Jesus, the Complete Man


Wednesday of the Twenty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time
Readings; 1 Tm 3:14-16, Lk 7:31-35

Are you ready to embrace the path of renewal? Though the question is simple the process behind is quite tough. The first barrier that we need to address is our stubbornness. In today’s gospel, we see the attitude of people of Israel in fact; they reflect ourselves because of the common nature of humanity. When John the Baptist came to them with his austere life they could not accept him because to imitate him seemed to beyond their strength so they accused that he had a demon. Whereas, Jesus came to them as one among them.  He dined with them taught them using their symbols and stories. The rabbi’s of his time distanced themselves from the ordinary people. They never had the company of women or the so-called sinners like tax-collectors and prostitutes. Whereas, Jesus shared their day to day life, tried to become part of their stories and lived among them. However, people were not ready to accept this down to earth lifestyle of Jesus. They accused him as glutton saying that he drank wine.

If we analyze the teachings of Jesus and John the Baptist both of them exhorted the people of Israel to repent and get back to the Lord. But the people of Israel were not ready to accept them because of their stubbornness of heart. To divert their attention from their teaching they tried to find fault with Jesus and John the Baptist. So their credibility would be at risk and no one would accept their teaching.

The situations are not different in our time too. It is very common among us to remain stubborn about the renewal of our life. We tend to act similarly like the people of Israel when someone exhorts us to renew our life. We try to find fault with them or try to spoil their good name or speaking behind them. Let us seek the assistance of the Holy Spirit that we may be aware of the factors that prevent us from growing closer to God and may we embark a daily conversion and grow into the person of Christ day by day…

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