18 August, 2017: Evolution


Friday of the Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Jos. 24. 1 -13; Gospel: Mt. 19. 3 -12.

Today’s Gospel passage is a typical debate on divorce. How Jesus states that every law has to be updated with time and civilization. How old codes must be re-written, traditions rearranged to suit the ‘needs’ of human beings of the time.

But, there is an underlying statement that shines out like the framework on which everything else is structured. What God has united, let no man divide.

In the first reading, we see Joshua reminding an ever forgetful nation, how God, through centuries shaped their history to form them into what they are; how God gave them a country for which they didn’t toil. It is a reminder that whatever we have is but God’s gift and we are not to squander it; how God made us his own by the blood of his own Son and so anyone who leaves him to belong elsewhere or somebody else’s is  breaking the bond and liable to a great penalty.

Another important lesson we get to learn from the debate on divorce is that God wants us to evolve.  He tells us be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect (Mt. 5. 48). God’s perfection lies not in rigidity. However, as in every structure, the foundation has to be laid incredibly strong so as to build up awesome structures above it, and the foundations are not seen henceforth. God has set up a good and rigid foundation for human relationships, for us to build upon and left us resources (values) to continue the work. Yet, we have failed to lay even a single brick towards progress. Instead, we have abandoned them and are trying to build posh skycrapers on swampy fields, which are sure to tumble down.

Let us build our lives on the foundations laid by God. However, traditional they may look like, they are safe and beautiful. Let us start our process of evolution into the new beings God wants us to be, from the foundation God himself has laid.

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