17 Oct 2019: Virtue of openness


Praise God. A child was corrected by its mother for a misbehaviour. When the child grew up to a youngster somehow he lost the virtue of openness to correction. He found himself so important and therefore started neglecting the help given by the elders in order to mould his behaviour.

Dear reader the Gospel today is asking each and everyone of us to develop the virtue of openness to correction. Jesus found that Pharisees and the teachers of the law were going astray from the kingdom values. He corrected than and invited them to embrace the good news. But the high self-esteem and the self righteous attitude of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law could not help them to pay heed to the voice of the Lord rather they were interested in finding fault with Jesus. Their unwillingness to get corrected made them crucify the Son of God. Dear reader, let us try to understand our limitations and accept our weaknesses. A wooden log allows itself to be moulded by cutting its sharp edges. Let us also allow us to be moulded and this transformed to be the instruments of the Lord than crucifying Him.

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