17 Feb 2020; God of Signs


Monday; Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

God of Israel knows his people and therefore He while entering into covenant with them made signs of the covenant. The entire Old Testament is filled with covenants and signs of the covenant. Gen. 9/13 speaks about the rainbow in the clouds as a sign of the covenant between God and earth. Circumcision was made a sign between God and Abraham. God gives signs to the people of Israel to build relationship with Him. God provides signs in the New Testament also. Mary is given a sign at the annunciation that Elizabeth is carrying a child. Similarly a punitive sign is given to Zachariah who expressed his disbelief regarding the birth of John the Baptist. Even today God gives us signs through Eucharistic  miracles and apparitions. He knows the vulnerability of the human faith.

But the intentions of the Pharisees here is totally different. They want sign not to strengthen their faith but to test Jesus. We see in the Gospel Pharisees and Scribes approaching Jesus to test him. Their intentions were not to understand Jesus as the long awaited Messiah but somehow to bring down the name and fame of Jesus. It happens in our lives too. Your co-worker is excelling in his work, your friend is wonderfully found well. The jealousy in you force you to act against them. Realize that it is a trap of the evil one. The jealousy of the people once crucified the Son of God. Let us not become the part of same history.


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