16 Feb 2017: Right Perspective


Thursday of the SIxth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Gen. 9: 1-13; Ps. 102: 16-23; Gospel: Mk. 8: 27-33

The gospel passage of the day reminds us the confession of faith of Peter and how Jesus puts him at the Right Perspective. Peter’s is a moment of clarity. He speaks from the heart for the query of Jesus as to what they think of Him. Peter says that “You are the Messiah”. It is the discovery of the one who has followed, asked, watched and questioned Jesus. But as the story unfolds we realize that Peter knows almost nothing about the implication of his declaration. He had a perspective of Jesus which was in line with that of the world, that of a Messiah who has come to save the world but Jesus tells him that he is not merely a messiah but a Suffering Messiah and thus makes the perspective of Peter very clear by the monumental task of redefining their expectations. He speaks plainly of suffering, refection, death and resurrection. But Peter from his background could not digest the fact that the Messiah should suffer and die. Therefore Jesus places Peter at the right perspective. Often in our lives, we would also take the place of Peter struggling to place ourselves at the right perspective. But if we submit ourselves in humility at the hand of the Lord and open a space for Jesus to act, he could very well situate us at the Right Perspective.

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