16 Dec 2016: A Life Based on Others…?


Monday of the Third Week of Advent
Readings: Nm 24:2-7, 15-17a, Mt 21:23-27

The chief priests, confronted by Jesus, are faced with a question: “John’s Baptism – where did it come from?” In exploring the answer, the answers do not desire to find the reality or the truth, but are eager to make or create an answer that would satisfy or please others. In fact, they do fine one, but have not achieved the purpose of the questioning attempt.

In our life too, dear brethren, we seek for answers, not that which is the truth, but that which will satisfy others. Our life, at times, does not depend on the truth, but just on people around us. If it is not issue with the people around us, we don’t care doing things which we would naturally avoid in the presence of few others. It means that we are not led by truth, but by the people around. However, this is not what God wants from us. He wants us to lead a life that will satisfy or please Him. Let our lives be not based on others but on Him, the ultimate reality.

Prayer: Loving God, help always to base my life on not what others would think about me but on what you would think about me, Amen.

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