15 Oct 2019: Longing for the Lord


Praise God. Jesus was invited by a Pharisee to his house for a dinner. It was certainly a strange invitation because, we read in the gospel that Pharisee were not happy with Jesus. They considered him as a heretic. All would have been surprised when one such Pharisee invited Jesus to his house. Jesus accepted his invitation. But we see Jesus becoming disappointed after knowing the heart of the Pharisee. “Inside you are full greed and wickedness.” Lk. 11/39

Dear reader, he wants to be someone different, he wants to be praised by others, and he wants to be talked about. And therefore he invited Jesus to his house. “This people honour me with their lips but their heart are far from me.” Mt. 15/6. The Pharisee was not able to see Jesus as his redeemer, because his heart intention was to glorify himself. Let us purify our thoughts and intentions. Let us pray to have a heart, longing for the Lord than taking pride for our good deeds. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.” Mt. 5/8.



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