15 November 2018; To Establish the Kingdom of God

Thursday of the Thirty-second Week in Ordinary Time
Reading 1: Phmn 7-2; Gospel :  Lk 17:20-25

“Look the kingdom of God is among you”, through the Gospel of today Jesus is teaching me yet another beautiful lesson, find God’s kingdom within you. Look within yourself and realize that the Kingdom of God is among you or within you. Often I establish my own kingdom and kingdoms without strong foundations and forts. When the inner conflicts and turmoil enters, the kingdom which I established will easily fall and as a result I fall into the pit of destruction. Jesus the King of kings and Lord of lords has established a beautiful kingdom, a kingdom of peace and His ever abiding presence. Where shall I look for this kingdom? Jesus gives the answer, “look the kingdom of God is among you”. Then why should I worry and fear? I have a God whose kingdom can never be toppled down. But the question is, am I part of this kingdom? Have I taken the step to enter into this kingdom? If not what should I do to be part of this kingdom or how can I establish the Kingdom of God? When I seek the face of God in purity of heart, when I show mercy and forgiveness, reconcile conflict and hate, I establish the Kingdom of God. Remember we are all called to be the soldiers of the Kingdom of God.

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