14 Novemver 2018; Faith filled Witnesses Becomes Thanksgiving Sacrifice


Wednesday of the Thirty-second Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1Ti 3:1-7; Gospel Lk 17:11-19

Through the Gospel passage of today, Jesus teaches us three lessons:

  1. Humble Faith in God
  2. Being his Witness
  3. Gratitude to God

The nine lepers who were considered outcasts in the society, becomes the part of the society, when Jesus cured them. The encounter with Jesus gave them new identity and new life. Certain times we are also like these lepers. We may have to face difficulties and sufferings, and I think during those moments, when we cry to God he will intervene and do miraculous things for us. The way the lepers responded to the words of Jesus is hearkening. They had no other counter question to ask, they did not ask for any sign to convince themselves that they are healed. Putting their ultimate trust in the Lord Jesus, they went their way and on the way, they were healed. Faith brings grace and blessings.

Secondly, Jesus tells them to go and show themselves to t the priest. This calls for our duty to be His witness. I need to be the one in whom others can see and experience the wonderful works of the Lord. I need to manifest his mercy and loving when I present myself filled with the presence of the Lord to the world, they will s ay God is love and compassion.

Thirdly, the Gospel passage reminds each one of us of the importance of being grateful to God, for all that we have received. Among the 9 lepers who were cured only one of them came back to thank the Lord. It is a reminder for each one of us, that our life should be a continuous thanksgiving for all that we have received both small and great.

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