13 December, 2017: Call to Rest in Christ.


Wednesday of the Second Week of Advent

Reading 1: Is. 40. 25-31; Gospel: Mt. 11. 28-30.

Every human person encounters problems and difficulties in life. Often our lives are burdened with anxiety and fears. We try to resolve our problems through own efforts and when we fail we seek the help of friends. We tend to forget the loving care and concern the compassionate God has for each one of us. In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus lovingly invites us to go to Him and unburden ourselves. How consoling are the words of Jesus when He says ‘Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.’ Jesus also says ‘Learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart.’ Humility is the foundation of one’s spiritual life. Only when we remain humble we realize we cannot solve life’s problems all by ourselves. We need to lean on the compassionate and welcoming heart of God and unburden ourselves. It is then that we experience rest and the shalom of the Lord.

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